What’s on offer?

Hullabaloo is turning 16 so we’ve decided to change things up a bit this year!  Yes, there will still be streamed Lindy Hop classes but we’re also adding in some sweet, sweet speciality classes and modifying the streams!

Weekend Workshops – Two full days of workshops (Sat & Sun) featuring our teaching guests

Please note, to allow each individual a more positive learning experience with our teachers, class sizes will be strictly limited and teachers will make the final decisions regarding level allocation. We expect all levels to sell out.



Weekend Workshops

So you’ve heard the rumours about the changes, but what ARE they exactly?  Here’s a breakdown:

Let’s start with what hasn’t changed:

Now here’s what’s different:

*Audition time TBC and final decision will be by the teachers only. The Hulla or PSDS committee will not be involved in this process. 

**These classes were chosen based on the teacher’s strengths and suggestions.

How to Register: The Saturday & Sunday workshops are included in the Full Pass and Workshop Pass.
When: Saturday, 27 April and Sunday, 28 April
Where: Perth Modern School, 90 Roberts Road, Subiaco &
Stage Door School of Performing Arts, Hamilton Street, Subiaco


Streaming (Lindy Hop)

New Lindy Hop streams!

Flip (Intermediate)

You’ve been dancing for 6 months or more and so, so keen and loving it!  You’ve ventured out social dancing and it’s opened your eyes to a whole new world.  You’re comfortable transitioning between your 6 , 8 and charleston rhythms.  You’ve got the groove and you’re lookin’ for the moves!

In addition to our newer dancers, we would also welcome anyone who is looking to work on their fundamentals to consider the intermediate stream.

In this stream, you might be looking to:

Fly (Advanced)

You’ve likely been dancing a few years now and can regularly be found social dancing.  You enjoy finding new rhythms to add to your dancing and have started making up you own moves and variations.  You got some solo jazz up your sleeve and you’re not afraid to show it!

In this stream, you might be looking to:

Jump (Audition Only) **NEW!**

The passion is real!  You dance. A lot. You have competed, performed and probably have, do, or would like to teach.  You may have a

preference for Lindy but have tried out a few different swing dances.  You’ve also had a crack at the other role for which you started.  You appreciate and understand the importance of constantly working on your basics and are excited to push your dancing.  You know that only by understanding the why will you be able to get the how.  Due to the addition of this stream, we will NOT be having a Masterclass this year.

Please note that auditions will be judged by the teachers and their decisions will be final.  If you are not selected for this stream, you will be automatically placed in the Advanced Stream.

Speciality Classes**NEW!**

Here’s where we’re really throwing in our variations!  We know that the Perth scene isn’t the same as it was 16 years ago; the scene has changed so much so it’s time we did too!  Your afternoon workshops will now be open level themed classes (as chosen by our teachers).

Saturday Block 1 Elze & Peter JoYsS Georgia & Kieran
2:00pm-3:15pm Jam Solo Jazz – Musicality Swing Walks
Saturday Block 2
3:30pm-4:15pm Follower / Leader Special Solo Jazz – Jams Tap inspired Lindy Hop
2:45pm-4:30pm Balboa Solo Jazz – Vocabulary Lindy Hop Routine

Please note that numbers will be limited in each class and will be chosen on first come, first serve basis!

Speciality Class Descriptions



Jam – When a fa st song starts playing and everyone starts clapping! In this class Elze & Peter will talk about the culture of jamming and help you find ideas of what to do in a jam and how to make it more fun and less scary!

Follower & Leader Special – Tips and drills for better leading and following! This is the class where we get into the nitty gritty of it all!

JOYSS (solo jazz for all)

Musicality – This class is packed full of exercises that JoYsS created specially to improve creativity in musicality and to not dance in an “expected way” to the same songs.

Jams – In this class it will all about learning and improving the concept of being in a solo jam. “Jams are like a picnic where anyone brings his own good food and speciality to make people taste, for the that, the table is in the middle and they have to come in the centre to taste it without be or feel compared to anyone else who is ‘better’ ” – JoYsS

Vocabulary – Here JoYsS shares with your new vocabulary that he created and made him famous.  How he created it and how found inspiration!


Swing Walks – “Sometimes it’s great just to take a turn around the room, swingin’!”