How to Hullabaloo


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HullaMaps  – some suggestions to make the most of Hullabaloo weekend.
Competing & Contributing  – Mix & Match competition, Spirit of Lindy Hop.
Perth Guide  – how to get around, where to go to eat & drink, things to see and do.
Parking Guide  – where to find parking for all the events.



Hullabaloo is jam-packed with more dancing than your feet can handle, but along the way you’ll need to take a break to stop and refuel. There is plenty on offer that you might not have thought of – luckily we have!



Competing & Contributing

Mix & Match Competition

What is it?  The Paul Verevis Memorial Mix & Match is named after local Perth dancer Paul Verevis. “Paulie” to his friends, his passion for the swing dance scene was without limits and he was one of the kindest and most generous dancers; Paulie’s spirit was huge – he was a friend to everyone. The Mix & Match is held every year at Hullabaloo in his memory to promote the lindy hop ethos that is at the heart of what we strive to encourage in our dancing every day – that lindy hop is for everyone to have fun and feel part of a positive and welcoming community.

When is it?  Saturday, 27 April at the Hullabaloo Hop (7:30pm at Guildford Town Hall). Signups will be from 8pm, first come, first in!

How does it work?  Individuals enter without a partner and demonstrate skills in spontaneous dancing with a variety of partners. Leaders and followers are randomly paired. There will be several partner changes during the heats. 2 heats of 10 couples dancing to DJed music, followed by a final of 5 couples.

What are we looking for?  The Mix & Match is a competition, but it’s also about having fun. Judges will be looking for partner connection and teamwork, musicality (timing, creativity, flow), and just really good solid Lindy Hop.

Spirit of Lindy Hop

Hullabaloo strives to encourage people to actively contribute to building the community that we’re all a part of. To us, being community-minded means:

During Hullabaloo, the committee (and friends) will be looking for someone who embodies these attitudes, for the Spirit of Lindy Hop award. This award is about acknowledging those people who go above and beyond in their contribution to the community and to the event, and who somehow make everyone’s experience better with their presence. It’s all about participating in this community we love, and being the best scene member you can be.



Your Guide to Perth


If you’re in Perth for the weekend from out of town and aren’t sure what to do in between all the dancing, we’ve put together a few suggestions for you here.

Getting Around

Buses from Perth Airport to Elizabeth Quay Bus Station in the Perth CBD daily. Depending which terminal you’re arriving at, you’ll either want to catch the Bus Route 380 from Terminals 1 & 2, or Bus Route 40 from Terminals 3 & 4.

For journey planning, all train/bus/ferry timetables and maps visit

The Perth CBD operates a Free Transit Zone (FTZ) where travel on public transport is free. The boundaries of this free travel zone are defined here. Simply hop on any train, bus or CAT bus. CATS are free colour coded buses that operate around the CBD – for more info visit LookatWA.




Secure paid parking is available close to all the evening events, marked for you on our Hullabaloo Google Map. Keep an eye out for people who might be walking alone between events or to their car, and please, if you are alone, find some buddies to walk with. If you’re unsure about where to go or how to find something, come find a committee member and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Wilson Parking offer a service called “Book a Bay“, which is super cheap on weekends, and invaluable when parking in the city. You are required to make an account, and it will then use your credit card as your “ticket” (ie, there is a slot for it in the ticket machine when you drive into the carpark).

For the Saturday and Sunday late nights at Huzzard Studios, is “Kings Complex – 517 Hay Street”. As long as you pre-book, it will only cost you $8 for the entire night (and for example, I just tried booking for the night of the ball from 5pm on Sunday to 6am Monday morning, and it was still only $8). That said, you can only enter and exit once, so just be aware! Additionally, as long as there are spots available in the car park, you can usually pre-book even 10 minutes before you get to the carpark.