Perth has an immense wealth of musical talent to draw on, and it simply wouldn’t be Hullabaloo without a weekend jam-packed full of bands to swing out to! Check out the fine ensembles who will be throwing it all down.


Adam Hall & the Velvet Playboys are somewhat of an institution of the Perth swing music scene. The band is renowned for its captivating live performances, which are marked by slick presentation and raw energy. They’ve toured with legendary US Rhythm & Blues saxophonist Big Jay McNeely and played shows with legends Syl Johnson and Betty Harris. They’ve build up a steady following performing regularly throughout Europe and Asia since 2013, and were recently invited to play at the Singapore Jazz Festival.

Catch the VPs at the Mustang on Friday to start the weekend off with a bang.


Assemble a bunch of Perth’s best and brightest jazz musicians on a stage, add some sass and plenty of humour and you get the Perth Cabaret Collective. Winners of Best Cabaret at Fringeworld 2018 and lead by the marvellous Jess Herbert, the Collective plays a wide range of swing favourites from the likes of Fletcher HendersonDuke Ellington, Jelly Roll Morton, Ella Fitzgerald and Count Basie. PCC will not only have you racing for the floor but will put on a show like no other!

PCC will be setting the tone at the Hullabaloo Ball on Saturday.


KYSB are a wonderful group of young musicians performing big band music from the 1930’s to the present day. Their repertoire is extensive and features music as played by Tommy Dorsey, Duke Ellington and many others of the era, as well as arrangements written specially for the band. A firm favourite in the Perth lindy hop scene.

KYSB will be bringing the swing to the Hullabaloo Hop on Sunday.

Joining KYSB on Sunday will be the incredible Libby Hammer.  Libby is a jazz singer with talents that know no bounds. She can sing, dance, juggle, act, clown and make a mean cup of tea, all at the same time. She is Perth’s own resident jazz diva and a multiple WAMI award winner who has been bringing her engaging and affable style of jazz to the Perth music scene for more than twenty years.



Jessie Gordon – jazz singer, blues dancer, lover of music, purveyor of fine cheeses, and winner of the Fringeworld 2018 Music Award. Perth’s sassiest songstress with a passion for all things jazz is back for Hullabaloo 2018.

This year, not only will she be bringing along some of her most talented friends to accompany her at The Last Hurrah on Monday night, she will also be treating us to a live loops show in the blues room at the Sunday late night. We can’t give away too much, but these are two gigs you definitely don’t want to miss.

Catch Jessie’s solo blues loops at the Late Night #3 (Sunday) at Huzzard Studios, and Jessie Gordon & Friends at Monday Night’s Last Hurrah at Hackett Hall.


Crystle Challinger

Crystle discovered a long while ago that she loves to talk. Talking is one of her most favorite things in the whole wide world. It brings her endless joy and fills her with a deep sense of satisfaction. Crystle also discovered a long while ago that she doesn’t enjoy people talking back. She discovered what she really enjoys is a one sided exchange of information where her opinion is unwritten law. So she sat down and thought long and hard about career options for her special kind of superiority complex and came up with three options: Correctional Officer, Teacher, and MC; and she’s now done 2 of the 3.

Crystle’s MC experience started around 9 years ago with children’s circus shows and has slowly blossomed into a part time career with adult cabarets, circus shows for both young and old, dance events, and community events for the City of Perth. It is her utmost pleasure to have been invited to help make Hullabaloo 2018 a fun and enjoyable event and she can’t wait to be able to share the experience with all of you!

DJs, DJs, DJs

Hullabaloo would be nothing without our DJs, and this year we have a stellar lineup that we are thrilled to present for your listening and dancing pleasure.

Bron Veale

Bron has been dancing and DJing her way across the world since 2009, and at Hullabaloo this year she’ll be swinging us home (with Jessie Gordon & Friends) at The Last Hurrah on Monday.

Crystle Challinger

A good friend once described Crystle’s DJing style as ‘Lollipop Lindy’ and she has tried to live by that sentiment ever since. Crystle is partial to big sound floor fillers and couldn’t care less about tradition, genre, or era; if she can swing hard to it then it’s likely to be played. If it gets the dance floor packed and possibly inspires a group sing along then even better. “To the Dance Floor My Pretties!”

You can catch Crystle at Late Night #1 on Friday.

Dan Carruthers

When asked to submit a DJ bio, this is what Dan Carruthers had to say about Dan Carruthers: “Music music music. DJ. Swing. Lindy Hop. Dancey dance dance. Fun. Good times. Blah blah blah. Feels feels feels. Tahdah!” Having played regularly in his hometown of Perth for the past 5 years as well as playing for dancers in other states and overseas, you may have seen Dan in the DJ booth over the years at SeaJam, CSI, Hullabaloo, Swan City Swing, Perth Lindy Jam and Canberrang.

Dan will be keeping the floor filled at the Hullabaloo Ball on Saturday, and swinging us into the final late night of the weekend on Sunday.

Jarrad Marshall

Jarrad cut his teeth listening to jazz, so it’s no surprise that his love of Lindy Hop is all about the music. He has DJed at events around Australia since 2006 and you might recognise him as previous coordinator and trumpet player for Perth’s stalwart Oz Big Band. Jarrad fills dance floors while showcasing his particular affection for big band tunes, and is especially partial to anything featuring some sweet vibraphone.

You’ll find Jarrad doing his thing at Late Night #2 on Saturday.

Kenneth Gosnold

Originally from Adelaide, where he fell in love with blues and swing dancing as well as a love for the muisc, which led to him DJing for dancers. Kenneth chooses his music by thinking about if he would dance to the song. He then listens to it again, and asks himself would anyone else actually dance to the song. This technique has ensured Kenneth is asked to come back to DJ at events across Australia. When not DJing, Kenneth likes to forage for new music in bins, and grumble about people not liking Glen Miller.

You’ll find Kenneth starting off the weekend right at Late Night #1 on Friday, and bringing the soul party vibe Late Night #2 on Saturday.

Lauren Pyke

Lauren, simply put, loves all things dance and music. She fell in love with swing in early 2001 and has been involved in several large events around Australia, teaching at Camp Oz and Hullabaloo and DJ’ing Blues, Lindy and Balboa events such as Hullabaloo, WLX, Black Swan Blues, Swan City Swing and Fremantle Swing Festival. Lauren firmly believes that it is the music that drives each dance – it’s all about just having fun and playing with musicality in that moment.

You can find Lauren kicking off the blues room at Late Night #2 on Saturday, and swinging us over the late night finish line at Late Night #3 on Sunday.

Michelle Turner

Michelle loves original swing music and it has always been her passion as a dancer and DJ. She has been DJing regularly in the Perth scene since 2002 and has played at other national Lindy exchanges such as MLX, SLX, Canberrang and TasSwing. She has also DJed at swing events in New York, Detroit, Singapore, Auckland and Los Angeles, and loves nothing better than to see a full floor of Lindy Hoppers dancing to what she loves to play for them.

You’ll find Michelle spinning her best four to the floor tunes at Late Night #3 on Sunday.

Royce Townsend

If there is a blues/house party in Perth, odds are, Royce is DJing. He likes blues (the genre) as much as he likes slow dancing, which is a lot, but it’s that happy intersection of these that fills and breaks his heart every damn exchange. Nothing makes Royce happier than seeing dancers lost in a soul-aching tune or an infectious groove. Royce has a particular love of Chicago blues; gritty and dirty blues; Big Mama Thornton; late night saccharine blues; the lyrics of Willie Dixon; Koko Taylor; semicolons.

You can find Royce playing some sweet blues tunes at Late Night #3 on Sunday.

Shane McCarthy

Shane loves to dance, when he’s not dancing he likes to sit, and when he’s sitting, he likes to DJ. Shane has DJed around the world and once had Frankie Manning shout across the foodhall: “That kid knows how to DJ!” Which was pretty mint. Shane likes to play Big Band tunes, but not Glen Miller. Glen Miller makes him break out in a rash.

You’ll find Shane on the decks (er, laptop keys?) at Late Night #2 on Saturday.

Trevor Hutchison

Originally a Perthie, Trevor returns for Hullabaloo 2018 with his mix of original music from the swing era; from the classic big band anthems to small group rarities and a few modern gems to spice things up. As an enthusiastic collector of vintage jazz and blues music, Trevor is a sought after DJ and has DJed at events around Australia. He has also featured as a guest DJ on Yehoodi Radio (USA), the Herräng Dance Camp (Sweden) and supported legendary sax blower Big Jay McNeely.

This year you can find Trevor at Late Night #1 on Friday, at Late Night #2 on Saturday, and at The Hullabaloo Hop on Sunday.