Registrations are Live!

Registrations are live and the early bird prices are ON – they’ll wrap up this Friday (9th March) at midnight.

Each year a group of volunteers band together to get Hullabaloo off the ground. Each year has its challenges, and these challenges shape and define how the event itself looks each time. This year, for a variety of circumstances, we haven’t been able to field a group of teachers – attempts were wholeheartedly made, but this is how it stands this year.

While I won’t pretend that this was the intended look for the event, I’m excited for the shape of Hullabaloo this year. The Perth scene has changed dramatically over the years, and the offerings from schools has increased significantly – there has been no shortage of excellent international and interstate guest teachers at workshops in the short span of this year alone, and the scene is all the better for the work that schools have put into making these events happen.

Hullabaloo has always been about doing what isn’t covered elsewhere – the social-only format for this event allows us to put even more energy into bringing in live bands and fully featured late nights. I look at having 6am jam circles last year, the cranking big bands, the soul room and blues room and all the visitors that came to Perth – this is what Hullabaloo brings to the table.

So it’s different, but I hope you’ll keep an open mind in seeing all that Hullabaloo can be this year.

Alex Price
Hullabaloo Committee

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