Michael Jagger & Evita Arce


Michael Jagger and Evita Arce are internationally recognised Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz dancers who have travelled the world teaching since 2005. Originally mentored by Ryan Francois and Jenny Thomas, Michael and Evita take great pride in their lineage of this African American art form. Keeping a joyful spirit with earnest humility while always holding a deep appreciation for the dance and its cultural heritage, Evita and Michael pass on what they have learned directly from the masters before them, including the Ambassador of Swing, Frankie Manning, the Queen of Swing, Norma Miller and the treasured Jewel of New York City, Dawn Hampton.

Jessie Gordon & Gastón Fernández

Jessie and Gas met at Hullaballoo 2016, in a darkened corner of a late night party, started dancing and haven’t stopped since then, despite living on different continents.

They have a deep love and appreciation for jazz, blues and swing music and the dances that evolved from them, and have taught together in Italy, Korea, Australia and Spain.

Gas and Jessie are super excited to be teaching at the event that first brought them together 7 years ago #hullaforlife