Mikaela Hellsten was born in Stockholm, Sweden and grew up with a love for music and dancing. Already as a kid she had a special liking for Swing and Rock’n Roll music, with favorite artists such as Ella Fitzgerald and Bill Haley. At the age of 13 she discovered Lindy Hop for the first time and since then she has never stopped! Today Mikaela travels all over the world to teach, compete and social dance. When dancing Mikaela often has a big smile on her face, so if she’s at the dance you won’t miss her.

Besides dancing Mikaela is also passionate about teaching. Her great interest in pedagogy shines through in her classes, where mistakes are encouraged and fun is inevitable. No question is too dumb to be asked; Mikaela will happily do her best to answer any possible queries.



For Nicolas Deniau, dancing has been a big part of life since childhood. Starting with Rock’n Roll at the age of eight he did his first competition after only one year of dancing. During his performances you can feel his energy from the very back row. Nicolas later fell in love with swing dancing and in particular with Boogie Woogie. To deepen his general dancing skills, Nicolas attended a dance education in jazz, ballet and contemporary dance in 2008.

Since 2010, Nicolas has focused mostly on his Lindy Hop. Today Nicolas travels all over the world to compete, perform and teach Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie. When teaching, Nicolas radiates great energy and focuses completely on his students. With a smile on his face he shows you that even the trickiest things can be possible to learn!



Born and bred in Geelong, Loz Yee has been shaking her groove thing on some kind of dance floor since she was about ten years old. In 2003 she discovered swing dancing, and this newfound love took her from Geelong to Melbourne to London and all over the world.

Loz is known for her energy, playfulness and creativity on the social dance floor, and she loves having a laugh and keeping it fun. With a passion for solo dance, Loz has also become an accomplished authentic jazz dancer and teacher and was lucky enough to run her own all-girls troupe in London.  Loz loves sharing the dance, and has taught weekly classes since 2005, including three performance troupes and workshops all over the world.



Based in Melbourne, Joel Kohn began his swing career in 2005 (or there abouts…his memory is a little hazy). Having trained as a jazz drummer for many years, Joel’s passion for the music is what lead him to dancing, and it continues to fuel his love of all things Swing.

Joel has competed in dance events across the country, with many awards to his name, and trained under some of the top instructors in the world. Joel’s fun and energetic, genuine personality are staples of his dance classes.



Julia Wharington found her passion for all things swing in 2008 and has been teaching Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues since early 2012. She saw a couple dance Balboa at her very first social dance night and has been fascinated by this intricate and elegant dance ever since.

She loves social dancing, enjoys competing, and frequently travels around Australia (and recently the USA) to work on her swing dancing.

For Julia, the most beautiful thing about teaching is that moment when the students get the hang of something that is being taught, those little moments of success that build competence.  Julia’s teaching style is a mix of a little bit nerdy with a good dose of fun.



Kieran Yee loves all forms of swing dancing, and brings an enthusiasm and energy to the floor that is as inspiring as it is unpredictable. Kieran has travelled and danced all around the world, including teaching in England, Argentina, Brazil, Denmark, Switzerland and the USA.

He is a great communicator and teacher, with an encouraging and practical approach. Kieran combines an absolute joy for the dance and a passion for the music whether he is teaching, performing or cuttin’ up the social floor. He loves meeting new people and he is always eager to have good times.