Volunteering – help us make Hulla happen

We’re doing our volunteering a little differently this year, and looking for some keen, trustworthy and motivated people to help us with the many and varied jobs that need to happen to keep Hulla going. Anyone who does approx 5 hours of volunteering work will be entitled to a $50 discount on their pass (rather than a reimbursement after the fact). Your pass discount will be arranged with you once shifts have been allocated.

Jobs will include helping us set up the evening events, helping set up the late night venue on the Friday, packing up after events, helping out with food and catering, doing a door shift, or helping get aaaall the stuff from point A to point B and back again!  Door shifts will be in approx 1 hour blocks (so you aren’t sitting at a desk all night), but all other shifts or tasks will vary in duration.

Hullabaloo can’t happen without support from the community – aka you! Hulla is run by a non-profit group, the Perth Swing Dance Society, and we are all volunteers on the committee and know that any event this large requires many hands to make the work lighter, and we appreciate your support.

Please contact the volunteering team at to discuss how you can help us continue to bring you the fun, inclusive, gosh darn awesome event we all know and love.

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